Journal Overview

The journal FAHM-I-ISLAM (JII), a referred and internationally indexed journal of the Department of Islamic Studies, Women University, Mardan.

Its full name denotes a variety of significant characteristic of such like sacred journal "FAHM-I-ISLAM" as given below: 

F- Stands for Felicitous which means:                      (Well chosen)
A-Stands for Advantageous which means:               (Fruitful/Beneficial)
H- Stands for Harmonious which means:                  (Sweet sounding/uniformed)
M-stands for Marvel which means:                            (Pleasingly combined)
I-stands for Imprint which means:                              (Making impression)
I-stands for Invincible which means:                          (Un-defeat able)
S-stands for secure which means:                             (Safe/protected) 
L-stands for Liable which means:                               (Officially responsible)      
A-stands for Admirable which means:                        (Praise worthy)
M-stands for Memorable which means:                      (Time lasting)

The Journal Fahm-i- Islam was launched in the year 2017 just one year later than the establishment of the Women University, Mardan (which was established on…. 2016). The journal under reference is published biannually by the faculty of Islamic Studies, Women University Mardan with the approval of the competent authority.